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Tiago Book Cover

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  • Two shattered hearts. One unstoppable love.

    New York
    Kezra, sixteen, dumped by her boyfriend of six months after he took her virginity, shocked by revelations about her father, falls into an abyss of panic and anxiety. On doctor's orders, she is sent on a vacation to get away from pressures.

    Lisbon, Portugal
    Tiago, seventeen, has lost more than most lose in a lifetime, believes implicitly in the inevitable Portuguese Tragedy, has left the thug-life, has left school, is just trying to survive each new day.

    Neither of them is looking for love...

    • Categories:
    • Teen & Young Adult > Romance > Contemporary
    • Romance > Series
    • Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Coming of Age
    • Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Geography & Cultures > Europe
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  • Excerpts from the Young Adult Romance Novel Tiago, by Cátia Skye


    The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

    I am no looker.

    I’m not a dog either. But I am no looker.

    Aylin used to say I was precocious. “Precocious when it comes to boys,” she’d say.

    By the time I was done dating Conor, I said I was nothing but a fool.

    I started dating too early. Antoni was the first guy I ever saw. I was fourteen, close to fifteen, sporting braces on my teeth. We shared a kiss, nothing passionate, innocent.

    Until he touched my breasts and I went cold.

    Fourteen. Was he a freaking idiot?

    Dawson happened after that. It lasted three months. I was more grown up, more developed. My breasts, especially, were more developed.

    I hate my breasts.

    But it was Conor who would thrust me into the black world of adulthood with an indignant slap I am certain I will never forget.


    I write because I am lonely.

    I write because I hurt.

    I write while tears drip from my eyes, turning the screen of my tablet into splotches of pixelated rainbows.


    The way I was brought into this world has nothing to do with how I feel about love.

    It has everything to do with how I feel about myself.


    How much horror can a mind endure?

    Are the pains of a sixteen-year-old laughed at by those older then her?

    What pain did my mother suffer? (“Sometimes I went without food so that I wouldn’t have to take that bastard’s money, Kez.”)

    My pain is nothing compared to what hers must have been. And yet, the pain I feel is phenomenal.


    P.S. I Love You (2007)

    Just before the sun rises, when the world is silent and the River Tejo laps gently at the stone steps leading to the giant Praça do Comércio square, leaves of golden sunlight shimmer above the surface of Lisbon’s great river. This is my favorite time to sit on these steps, flicking stones into the water, letting my gaze drift west toward the ocean.

    And I think of her.

    I do not weep anymore. My eyes are dry. I have wept this entire river twice over and still that will not bring her back.

    The seagulls taunt me, cawing in accusation. I should have moved faster, they say. I should not have been so complacent with my joy.

    I never deserved that joy. I know it.


    Deadly is the Female (1950)

    It is the week for meeting Americans. And if I thought my encounter with Dahlia went bad, then I can only compare my meeting with the one called Kezra to something just short of a nuclear war. It’s my fault, mostly. But it’s also her fault.

    I would love to say that our first encounter is quaint and sweet, that it is the type of first-meeting you expect from a Rom-Com.

    It is not.

    It is a disaster.

    And I am nothing short of a hungover bastard.

    But let’s call a spade a spade. Guilt must be placed where guilt belongs. And this chick is a real stinker of a piece of work too.

    I guess you could say I started it.

    I did.

    But she contributes gladly to the atomic chain reaction which follows.

    Dare I say, I think she even revels in it.

    Copyright © 2017, Cátia Skye. All Rights Reserved.

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About Cátia / Author Links

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  • About Cátia

    Cátia Skye
    Cátia Skye is a New-York-born, Portuguese-American gal who now resides in the romantic heart of Lisbon, Portugal. She is the single mother of one rambunctious little boy, and pens romance novels between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. each night when her boy finally falls asleep.

    Visit Cátia's Website

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